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Block Minute was created with the intent to perform unbiased reviews of lower-cap cryptocurrencies and to provide guides and services for those in need. We have no intent to ‘shill’ any coin. None of our coin reviews are intended to be investment advice or promotion, just facts and analysis. The coins we choose to review are either recommended to us by users or managed to catch our eye during our daily look at the markets.

Mark Nelson

Mark is an avid hobby investor that has been investing in traditional markets since he was 19. He became interested in the cryptocurrency space about a year ago and focuses on researching and learning about technology use cases, business models, and overall strategy of the multitude of projects in the space. He works as a program and operations manager at a healthcare IT startup and spends his free time video gaming, making music, and pursuing entrepreneurial opportunities whenever possible. All this, while enjoying life with his awesome corgi and fiance.